WordPress Installation & Optimization (Step 2)


In this step of the series we are going to focus on improving security and page rating for your WordPress website, we will cover how to install and use the free certificate available to our customers to improve the security of the website, as an added bonus all search engines give higher rating to websites that are protected by encrypted communication.


Under the “Sites” tab edit the website you created in step 1 of the tutorial

On the first page “Domain” we want to enable “SSL” and “Let’s Encrypt SSL” options, then save the changes and go to the “Redirect” tab.

Here we have to configure redirect settings.

“Redirect Type” set it as “permanent”, this is the correct way to do it to avoid confusing search engines.

“Redirect Path” leave it empty.

“SEO Redirect” here you need to decide if you are going to use www.domain.tld or domain.tld as your official domain name, if you want to use domain.tld set the option to www.domain.tld => domain.tld, or if you want to use www.domain.tld set it to domain.tld => www.domain.tld.

“Rewrite Rules” leave it empty.

“Rewrite HTTP to HTTPS” enable it, this will redirect all traffic coming via HTTP to HTTPS.

Once you are finished save the changes and navigate to the SSL tab.

The SSL tab settings will generate the certificate for your website, you just have to fill in the following information.

“State” leave empty if outside of US.

“Locality” enter your Locality or City.

“Organisation” enter your organisation name.

“Organisation Unit” input the unit within the organisation or use IT.

“Country” enter your Country here.

“SSL Domain” depending if you chose to use www.domain.tld or domain.tld in the previous step, select the correct one from the dropdown.

“SSL Action” set to Create certificate

Once the settings are complete save the changes and wait a few minutes until the certificate is created.


Now your WordPress website is protected with SSL communication, now you can open your website in the browser and make sure that the traffic is https and you have a lock at the beginning of the address bar.
We strongly encourage you to follow all the steps in our guide and follow Step 3 of the guide where we will optimize the performance of the website.