WordPress Container Hosting


Great for individuals or small companies who need a portfolio/about us website


1 Website
1GB Ram
5 GB Pure SSD Storage
Unlimited Traffic
Ultimate Performance
Unlimited Subdomains
SSL Certificate Included


Excellent hosting plan for most professionals and companies with enough storage


1 Website
2GB Ram
15 GB Pure SSD Storage
Unlimited Traffic
Ultimate Performance
Unlimited Subdomains
SSL Certificate Included


Great for large traffic E-Commerce/Blogs where performance is important


1 Website
3GB Ram
30 GB Pure SSD Storage
Unlimited Traffic
Ultimate Performance
Unlimited Subdomains
SSL Certificate Included

Why Choose Us


Top of the line performance

Our container hosting servers are built from the ground using all SSD storage, each server is built with a specific configuration to provide maximum performance for  the purpose it serves providing you with the best performance.


Server load balancing and redundancy

Our container hosting servers are built in redundancy, meaning your website container can failover to any active server in order to ensure uptime providing you with redundancy, maximum reliability and performance.

All Plans Include

Daily backup

We automatically create daily backups and store them for 30 days in case of an emergency

Free SSL

We provide you with the option to setup Let's Encrypt free SSL to protect your website

DNS Server

Host your domains on our servers and manage your DNS records easily from our panel


Nginx is one of the most used web servers in the world, offering great stability, caching abilities and a lot better performance compared to apache


MariaDB is a drop in replacement for MySql with full compatibility offering improved performance over standard MySql


PHP processor offering superior performance for small and high loads, it will help you achieve the shortest possible load times


Our containers come with HTTP/2.0 enabled, paired with our free SSL it gives visitors the ability to download content in parallel for fast load time


GZIP compression is a compression method used to minimize the transferred data between the user and the server, supported out of the box


We have integrated OPcache in our platform to minimize your PHP compile time and deliver the fastest possible load times

Need help migrating your website?

If you have an existing website that you would like to migrate to our services contact us and we will do it for you free of charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Container hosting leverages the newest and greatest available technologies called containers, they offer much more then shared hosting by giving you a guarantee of resources and total isolation between different containers, on the other hand when comparing it to a VPS it offers a lot smaller overhead by not running a seperate OS instance so you get all the resources that you pay for, it’s the best of both worlds.

Yes – you need three things to have a functional website: a domain name, web hosting, and site files. You can think of your domain as your street address, your web host as the space you rent to have your business in, and your site files as the items in your office.

There is SSD Accelerated and Pure SSD storage, SSD Accelerated means using hard drives to store data and using SSDs to speed up the hard drives as cache, this approach provides some performance improvements however it’s not even close to Pure SSD storage which uses only SSDs to store all the data.

Most providers offer SSD Accelerated storage and deceivingly market it as “SSD storage”.

OK but how do I do ...?

We are constantly working on creating guidelines to accomplish any task on our platform, the guidelines can be found in our knowledge base here

If you don’t find the answer to your question you are always welcome to ask us a question here