Email Hosting

Dedicated Email Server

Dedicated email server suitable for companies with more then 50 mailboxes


2 vCPU
2GB Ram
Dedicated IP Address
FREE Webmail Interface
FREE Setup and Maintenance


Professional Mailbox

Excellent email hosting plan unlimited storage and traffic


1 E-Mail mailbox
Unlimited Storage
25 MB Attachment Size Limit
FREE Webmail Interface
You can order as many as you need


*Monthly price calculated for an annual plan, no hidden fees, same price on renewal

Why Choose Our Professional Email Services

Better Security, Spam Protection and Virus Protection


Our professional email service is hosted on different servers from the free email service. these servers come with: 

  • Improved security
  • Better spam protection
  • Improved virus protection

In addition we constantly monitor them and make sure they have good reputation and security is not compromised.

24/7 Support, We will help you with any issues you have


Our professional email service comes with a round the clock support, the service includes but is not limited to:

  • Migrating your old email to our servers
  • Guide you through setting up your email clients
  • Analyze and implement filters for any spam you wish to avoid
  • Any and all questions or issues you might have

Dedicated server for you only


Although not mandatory, having a dedicated server if you have more than 50 email accounts is recommended, we will setup and  maintain a server just for you, with that you will get: 

  • Dedicated IP Address, your mail score will depend only on you
  • Dedicated server resources serving just you
  • Domain and SSL specific to your organization

In addition we constantly monitor the servers to ensure they are up to date and working as expect.

Server redundancy​

Although we keep 30 day backups, our email hosting servers store your emails in a redundant manner, meaning your emails are stored on at least 2 servers at all times giving:

  • Redundancy
  • Stability
  • Reliability
  • Performance

3 months free trial, no credit card​

Give our service a try at no cost for 3 months, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with the performance and reliability we offer.

Need help migrating your existing mails?

Feel free to contact us, we will migrate all your existing mailboxes and mails to our servers for you for free.

All Plans Include

Daily backup

We automatically create daily backups and store them for 30 days in case of an emergency

Free SSL

We provide you with Let's Encrypt free SSL to protect your email communication

Webmail Interface

Free webmail access for everyone, easily access your mails from the web


Time tested reliable mail transfer agent, properly configured with Reverse DNS Check, Helo and SPF Check to guard you against unwanted email


One of the best mail servers, storing your email and providing you with IMAP and POP connection for all your clients including the web mail interface

Spam & Virus Protection

A set of tools including SpamAssasin, Amavis and ClamAV serving to further improve your protection again spam and virus emails

Frequently Asked Questions​

No the dedicated server option is only for clients who wish to have it, and we recommend it for clients with bigger number of mailboxes, if you purchase only mailboxes your mailboxes will be on the same server with other professional email mailbox clients.

Yes you still have to order mailboxes, the server only gives you the server itself with our support and maintenance, however the mailbox storage and access depends on the order of professional mailboxes.

While the hosting does include mailboxes, they are on a separate server from the professional option, the professional option gives you improved security, spam and virus protection. Also the professional option includes free setup and migrations of accounts with better support.

Due to the way email communication works it is not possible to split your mailboxes on different servers, if you choose the professional email service you must order as many mailboxes as you need without taking into consideration the mailboxes from the shared hosting.

Please find our guides on how to connect to our mail servers here if you still have trouble connecting feel free to contact us.

OK but how do I do ...?

We are constantly working on creating guidelines to accomplish any task on our platform, the guidelines can be found in our knowledge base here

If you don’t find the answer to your question you are always welcome to ask us a question here