Email Hosting


Excellent email hosting plan unlimited storage and traffic


1 E-Mail mailbox
Unlimited Storage
25 MB Attachment Size Limit
300 Emails Per Day*
FREE Webmail Interface
You can order as many as you need

* All plans are billed annually after the trial expiry.
* Daily email limits are to protect against spam, if you require more then 300 mails per day contact us to increase your limit free of charge.

Why Choose Us


Server load balancing and redundancy

Our email hosting servers are built in redundancy, meaning your email is hosted on 2 servers at all times providing you with redundancy and load balancing for maximum reliability and performance.


3 months free trial, no credit card

Give our service a try at no cost for 3 months, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with the performance and reliability we offer.

All Plans Include

Daily backup

We automatically create daily backups and store them for 30 days in case of an emergency

Free SSL

We provide you with Let's Encrypt free SSL to protect your email communication

Webmail Interface

Free webmail access for everyone, easily access your mails from the web.