Cloud Storage Desktop Client Setup

Our cloud storage is powered by ownCloud therefore all of the available products for ownCloud are available for use on our platform.

ownCloud makes client apps available for Windows, OS X, and Linux desktops, the desktop clients are available from the ownCloud Web site.

Once you have downloaded and installed the software on your computer you can begin your setup.


  • Launch the ownCloud desktop client
  • On first start of the ownCloud client you will be greeted with the connection wizard which whill guide you through the setup, first you will need to provide the server address, our server address is
  • On the second step you will need to enter your credentials like username and password, your username will be your email address and the password you have setup.
  • The last step provides you with various options and the Local Folder choice, by default it will place an ownCloud folder in your User’s home directory but you can set it to any directory you want as shown in the image, there are additional options to configure, the defaults work well but you can always tweak them to your liking.

Now your desktop client is setup and ready to be used, it runs in the background and automatically syncs your folder with the cloud making sure you always have the latest files on all your clients.